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The ONLY GRADED ecosystem mainly consists of the following groups of stakeholders - Only graded, Only graded services, Alexander's Time, Jango cars, Find a gaff and trading dealers of luxury consignments. A Whole process of interactions happens within our significant stakeholders, Amount of transactions executed within our network is prominently in growth which is completely safe and secure.
The primary benefits of OGUC is that the users will be shielded against the risk of fraud emanating from malicious online transactions. OGUC is keen on becoming a preferred go-to payment option for users.


How The Only Graded Coin Can Be Utilized Within Our Ecosystem



  • Only Graded is a marketplace offering best and exclusive trading services for graded cards such as game cards and sports cards.

  • Only Graded offers pocket friendly platform of trading cards. it is an Internet Network for offering buying, selling and auctioning of graded cards along with providing card accessories.

  • Only Graded’s management teams are a group of experts with a track record of success in the e-commerce and consumer product business.

  • Worldwide game enthusiast, game card collectors made the growth in e-commerce purchase of graded cards and the current trend favors this business.

  • Only Graded’s focused approach on providing a mobile application for trading of graded game cards is unique in the market.

  • Only graded coins can be used to purchase the graded cards effectively.


  • Get your cards graded by professionals who don’t disappoint, Only Graded Services is an all in one authorized grading solutions.

  • Preserve the quality of the cards that you’ve put time and effort into collecting, Only Graded Services offers fair and bespoke service that does justice to your expectations.

  • Our professionals consult with you to ensure quick and reliable solutions. The experts will first assess the authenticity of the cards.

  • A 14-point grading system is used to ensure the perfect condition of the cards. Verily, we authenticate and boost their visual appeal in the most promising ways.

  • Each trading card is enclosed within a unique tamper-proof plastic seal with the certification numbers displayed at the top of the label.

  • By using this design approach, customers are guaranteed to have a card that looks unique and stylish when displayed.

  • On these process you can use the only graded coin for paying for the grading services.



  • A good connection between a brand and its target means boosted sales and positive income.

  • Here we have a digital marketing platform for luxury watches targeting the customer market through advertisement of watch products.

  • Speak with one of our expert watch specialists about your timepiece and the trade you would like to make.

  • There are several different avenues you can use to sell your watch, such as selling or consigning directly to dealers.

  • Our digitalized platform make a trendy bridge relationship between the buyers and sellers with the minimum subscription plans.

  • Get exciting discounts on subscription plans by using Only Graded Coin for payments.


  • When selling a car, the description can determine whether or not a buyer takes the next step in the purchasing process and comes down to the dealership for a closer look.

  • Today, a compelling vehicle description is what initially sells the car.

  • We have a digital solution with the perfect online platform between buyers and sellers.

  • It’s no secret that the future of auto sales is shifting gears. Car buyers are spending less time at dealerships and more time online.

  • The personal touch of communication has dwindled. Plain-text emails, especially marketing emails, have lost their authenticity.

  • But people still need to know they’re not just a number in order to trust you – especially since this is a purchase they only make a handful of times in their lifetime.

  • Here we have a enthusiastic digital platform for all kind of customers. Both buyers and sellers happy with our services.

  • The payment process can also be settled with Only Graded Coin, some discount features also added.



Nowaday's people direct approach to get a rental house is very complex to get a right place. Payment process can be handled wih ease by using only graded coin.

  • The easy way to your next gaff.

  • List your gaff for free on the global platform and update/manage your gaff’s availability with ease.

  • Here you can find the best house and villas for rent at your convenient time.

  • Simply find the best accommodation with a resonable price.

  • With millions of property to be given on rent and a greater number of tenants on a lookout, success is guaranteed, with a well devised strategy.

  • Nowadays people's direct approach to get a rental house is very complex to get a right place.

  • We have an efficient customized system that makes direct contact to the rental house owners much easier.

  • Which is well in minimizing commission between the customer and House owners.

  • By using Only Graded Coin invest completely minimum commissions free process to get a proper Rental house.



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