Only Graded Team

Our Company was set up to offer various services to cater the needs of game card Collectors and empower the Tokenisation of collectibles and offer a secure digital currency.


Iyak Hussain

Founder - Only Graded

Iyak is an enthusiastic and aspiring entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience and an intensively burning spirit to explore new opportunities in the business market and turning them into a highly profitable business.

Iyak is the founder of Only Graded - a booming UK based company offering best and exclusive trading and reliable grading services of trading cards. the company has already graded more than 10,000 cards in the short period of its startup.


Mohamed Ibrahim

Co-Founder - Only Graded

Ibrahim is a respected professional with exceptional computer competences and diverse knowledge of developing strategic plans for service excellence to boost long-term business success and increase profit levels. As a co-founder, Ibrahim's main responsibility has been, growing revenue and the Only Graded brand with over a decade of experience in business marketing. He is building the Only Graded brand a sustainable organization through consistent online marketing and key partnerships.


Max Hamilton

Business Strategy Lead - Only Graded

Max is an astute business strategist excelling in identifying trends for service enhancements and improvement. He is constantly ensuring the Only Graded brand integrity through the implementation and enforcement of strong and strategic initiatives with his passion, and process excellence. He is providing directives with his extensive knowledge and ability to manage statistical analysis and financial modeling in order to meet the business goals to ensure long term optimization and success of Only Graded.


Amelia O’Shaughnessy

Sales Manager - Only Graded

Amelia is an experienced and self-motivated sales manager with an extensive industrial experience in overseeing sales figures and new account developments. She brings forth a proven track record of working collaboratively with sales teams to achieve business goals and advance the sales cycle of Only Graded with her exceptional prioritization abilities. She is a strong leader with the ability to increase sales and develop strategies to retain customers.


Mihaela Stoyanova

Business Manager - Only Graded

Mihaela is an experienced and performance-driven administration professional specializing in optimizing productivity, efficiency and service quality of the Only Graded brand. She is a highly reliable support specialist and leader that blends advanced organizational, technical and business acumen. She is working effectively with cross-functional teams in ensuring operational and service excellence of Only Graded.


Viktoria Stoyanova

Brand Ambassador - Only Graded

Viktoria is an outgoing and charismatic people person working closely with sales and marketing staff to conceptualize marketing campaigns and strategies, coordinating promotional activities and build rapport with customers and vendors. She is a strategic and innovative professional with a passion for driving awareness and performance of Only Graded.

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