Investment Opportunities


Investment Opportunities

Browse through the platforms that the Only graded Coin will be available for use.

Find a Gaff The easy way to your next gaff Visit Now
Alexanders Time Buy and sell luxury watches Visit Now
Jango Cars Buy and sell automobiles Visit Now
OGUC Only Graded Coin Visit Now
NFT Marketplace Only Graded NFT Marketplace Visit Now

Only Graded

Onlygraded is a company offering best and exclusive trading services for graded cards such as game cards and sports cards. Onlygraded offers pocket friendly platform of trading cards. is an Internet Network for offering buying, selling and auctioning of graded cards along with providing grading services and card accessories.
Only graded coins can be used to purchase the graded cards effectively.


Only Graded Services

Want to get your cards graded by professionals who don’t disappoint?
At Only Graded, you get authorized grading solutions all in one place. We know that you want to preserve the quality of your cards. After all, you’ve put time and effort into collecting them, so it is only fair that you get a bespoke service that does justice to your expectations. Verily, our professionals consult with you to ensure quick and reliable solutions.
On these process you can use the only graded coin for paying for the grading services.

Alexanders Time

A good connection between a brand and its target means boosted sales and positive income. Here we have a digital marketing platform for luxury watches targeting the customer market through buying and selling for a business.
Only graded coin can also be utilized for payment of subscription plans and watch products.


Jango Cars

When selling a car, the description can determine whether or not a buyer takes the next step in the purchasing process and comes down to the dealership for a closer look.Today, a compelling vehicle description is what initially sells the car.We have a digital solution with the perfect online platform between buyers and sellers.
You can also buy subscription plans and automotive products With Only Graded Coin.

Find A Gaff

The easy way to your next gaff. List your gaff for free on the global platform and update/manage your gaff’s availability with ease, Here you can find the best house and villas for rent at your convenient time. Simply find the best accommodation with a resonable price.
Payment process can be handled wih ease by using only graded coin.


NFT Marketplace

NFT stands for non-fungible token. Non-fungible is an economic term that you could use to describe things like your furniture, a song file, or your computer. These things are not interchangeable for other items because they have unique properties. Only graded coin a supreme coin for a modern lifestyle

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